Inventory Evaluations

Ciatti Company is pleased to offer independent bulk wine, juice, and spirit valuation services for financial institutions. Our professionals provide on-site tasting and evaluation of product, as well as full market valuation of bulk wine. If needed, they can answer questions or provide further information before the tasting process. Once completed, we can provide additional information related to the outcome.

To request our services or learn more about them, please contact our USA office.


As the largest bulk wine broker in California and the United States, with offices in Canada, France, South Africa, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Germany, Spain, and China, the Ciatti Company LLC represents a timely resource in matters relating to wine valuation as well as industry trends and analysis.

We publish a quarterly Bulk Wine Value Reports with the assistance of our California wine brokerage team, Greg Livengood, Steve Dorfman, John White, Glenn Proctor, Chris Welch, Johnny Leonardo and Todd Azevedo. This report  has proven to be a valuable tool for lenders and other parties impacted by the ever-changing nature of wine values.

All major varieties and regions of California are included in this comprehensive report at a one-year subscription cost of $1,000 or $300 per quarterly issue. Contact us to subscribe.