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To offer bulk wine brokerage expertise in France and throughout Europe, the Ciatti France/Europe office was established in 1998. Located on Le Domaine de Rieucoulon, a vineyard from the 18th century, our office enjoys an ideal location in the heart of Montpellier. We pride ourselves on being a pioneer in the importation of wine to Northern Europe and Germany. Our team’s expertise, proximity to, and knowledge of the local European market are some of our key advantages within the European wine industry.

The Ciatti France/Europe office is responsible for all wine industry solutions around Europe, including a specific focus on France, Italy, Scandinavia, and the UK. Ciatti France is a member of multiple wine industry organizations, including the French Brokers Syndicate and Vinseo, which connects us to the major players in the French wine industry and keeps us up to date on the latest movements in the market.

From single-family estates to the largest union of co-ops, if you need to buy or sell bulk wine, grapes, or concentrates, our experienced multinational, multilingual team offers a breadth of services to fit all your needs.

For details related to the market conditions for buy and selling bulk wine, grapes, juice concentrate, and bulk spirits in France and other key wine-producing regions around the world, see our monthly global market reports.

Ciatti France/Europe

2420 Avenue de Toulouse
34070 Montpellier, France

Phone: +33.467.913535
Fax: +33.467.913536

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Ciatti France/Europe Team

Catherine Mendoza, Ciatti France

Catherine Mendoza

Wine broker with Ciatti since 2004

Master’s degree in Management and Negotiation of International Projects (International Trade, Economics, Business & Law) – Master’s Program in Applied Foreign Languages (English & German)
In charge of the Scandinavian, Dutch and UK markets as well as Organic wines

Florian Ceschi, Ciatti France

Florian Ceschi

Wine broker with Ciatti since 2007

Wine Master degree from Dijon Business School, 2007
In the wine business since 1999
In charge of the management of the office, Swiss and Italian markets

Guilhem Fons, Ciatti France

Guilhelm Fons

Junior Broker with Ciatti since 2018

Master’s Degree in International Wine Trade, Avignon University, 2014
In the wine business since 2011
In charge of the south of France market

Nicolas Pacouil, Ciatti France

Nicolas Pacouil

Wine Broker with Ciatti since 2011

Graduated from Dijon Burgundy Business School in 2008 – Specialized Mastère in International Wine and Spirits Trade
Involved in the wine business since 2005, having gained experience in different wine sectors (négociants, co-ops, private wineries) in many fields (trade, marketing, communication, logistics)

In charge of the Iberian (Portugal) and French (Languedoc, South West, Bordeaux, Loire Valley) markets

Natacha Lysette - Ciatti France

Natacha Lysette

Ciatti Customer Sales Support

Master’s degree in International Trading, 2001

Customer sales support in the wine industry and import/export trading since 2001