Bulk Wine

Ciatti Company is a bulk wine broker. We help our clients buy bulk wine and sell excess inventory. With 10 offices in major wine-producing regions of the world, we’re the world’s largest wine brokerage and are recognized internationally for our global market expertise, reliable information, and extensive inventory of quality bulk wines.

We have strong relationships with the world’s major wine companies, providing us with a diverse international bulk wine supply that we can offer to buyers. As we are strictly a brokerage, we guarantee an unbiased and honest opinion on a wine’s quality, price, and demand.

Each of our offices is staffed with experienced wine brokers that are experts in their local region, as well as have international market knowledge. Our brokers maintain an extensive relationship network and status of available wines and active buyers to match prospects and suppliers. 

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Buying Bulk Wine

Need to buy bulk wine? Contact your nearest Ciatti Company regional office. One of our bulk wine brokers will work with you to outline specification details for the perfect wine for your needs. These conditions can be developed into your wine purchase terms, ensuring the wine you want is the wine you receive.

Your broker will search available inventories to find the wine that meets your specifications in terms of varietal, appellation, vintage, volume, price and any other requirements you may have.

We maintain or can acquire representative samples of wines from available supply options and make them available to you, enabling you to select the wine or wines that best meet your purchase criteria.

Once you have made your selection, we can help you negotiate spot market or long-term bulk wine contracts – or both, depending on your supplier – and help negotiate the price, payment terms, and shipping.

To help you lessen your risk, we can arrange long-term agreements with a diverse range of producers to help maintain a reliable supply.

Please contact Ciatti Company to learn more about buying bulk wine.

Selling Bulk Wine

If you have bulk wine to sell, we will work to find the best match for your supply. We’ll request samples of your wine to provide to serious potential buyers, giving them the ability to better determine whether what you have to offer will meet their needs.
To find buyers, we follow buying, consumption, and value trends in regions around the world, giving us a broader picture of global market conditions than that of any other bulk wine broker.
We also maintain strong relationships with bulk wine buyers and know what they are looking for. If we identify a potential match between seller and buyer, we’ll make that connection immediately.
Please contact Ciatti Company to learn more about selling bulk wine.